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The Lanigan Abstract pieces were painted retrospectively up until this. The "Off The Grid" project was a "Staged Retrospective" meaning we asked the musicians to sing a piece purposely for the painting to happen at a later date. This process may be used by bands when gigging returns after Covid-19 where  fans can pre-order merch knowing that particular merchandise was born out of a concert they attended.

It's always nicer when others speak well of you. So take it away Maria O' Shea Enright!!

"Chris's influence on us as a group has been to make us realise how special and unique our session is. No two nights are the same and the "one take" element captures this. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience. Watching Chris paint was memorable and linked us, the musicians, to the finished piece. I am delighted with how it turned out. We very often sing on Winter's nights round a fire and the Colours we chose represent that. I wish Chris every success. His enthusiasm is both boundless and contagious". Maria