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art, social media content and music merchandise

Sometimes a musician or group play the ultimate live rendition of a song/musical piece that they wish they could just "bottle" the performance to keep it. (Also applicable to recorded work) Now they can with a Lanigan Abstract Vinyl-esque  painting.  There are many promotional and commercial benefits to commissioning a Lanigan Abstract Piece. The multi-stage design process involved lends itself well to posting unique content regarding progress of the project on your social media feeds....

....And the final original, framed artwork and accompanying video  can be used  (Optional)to offer your fans replica framed prints, posters, limited edition collectable picture vinyl discs or other merchandise that promotes your music brand...Imagine fans purchasing merch inspired by a song you played at a gig they attended!! Now there's a story for them to tell about their favourite band!! Even if they didn't attend, your merch is linked to the story of how, in the perfect storm of musical wonderfulness, you nailed a performance of a particular piece!! And for my work, it's ALL about the story.  Examples below and video of a painting to a Live performance coming to life in true Lanigan Abstract style.. Contact us for more details..