From day one we provide FREE visual content during the Art element of your project with us to enable you to post updates on your social media channels. Every post relating to our collaboration is an opportunity to engage with your fans and tell them of the related merchandise you are planning available. Invaluable in  stirring an interest in pre-ordered products.


Our collaboration is an opportunity to engage with fans and offer our final Artwork as a unique competition prize (Discussed via web meeting)

You will be able to offer scaled competition entry credits for fans who order/pre-order ANY of your merch. The more expensive the item that is purchased the number of entry credits. This encourages fans to actually BUY your music.

Example of potential merch sales  and how entry credits applied. 1 Credit = 1 competition entry.

  • Download purchase of ONE existing song - 5 credits
  • Download purchase of ONE existing album - 20 credits
  • Purchase Hard copy CD - 30 credits
  • Purchase of a band mug -25 credits
  • Purchase Band T-shirt - 25 credits
  • Pre-Order of Lanigan Abstract replica work - 100 credits
  • Pre-Order UV printed Vinyl EP - 40 Cedits.


The first tangible product will come after 3-4 weeks which is the original Artwork and accompanying Video.
The Artwork is inspired by the size of a traditional Vinyl 12” EP. The centrepiece design is etched onto rose gold metallic material. Preferably  for me, but not necessarily, the music I paint to will come from a favourite recorded Live performance of the band - Something that tells a story of time/venue/tight performance etc. (Recordings and Videos are COMPLETELY acceptable too though!)

Colours are chosen in consultation with the musician/band. Every painting is different even using the same colours so I will be painting to the song at least twice (Maybe more) to give the band a choice as to which piece to use as the final “Design.”

The Artwork is encased in a 15” x 15” brushed finish frame complete with high quality zero glass (Looks like no glass). This piece will be signed by Chris then sent to the musician or Band also for signing.

The value of a signed piece will far outweigh material cost and will be discussed during consultation.

Our framing partners are “Bespoke & Co” based in Kilkenny, Ireland who boast the multi Oscar nominated “Cartoon Saloon” (Also located in Kilkenny - we are talented!) as one of their high profile clients.
In fact, we use the VERY SAME frames as the Cartoon Saloon mounted limited edition prints. 


We are delighted to be teaming up with DMS Vinyl to offer this bespoke product.
DMS will be taking care of most aspects of Vinyl production Including Audio Mastering and any grapic design elements if needed (extra charges). Here are the basic product features. Upgrades can be discussed with the DMS Vinyl team. Lanigan Abstract is responsible for the replica artwork files, front plain sleeve with QR code and one central disc label. Templates will be sent to provide your own
artwork for the second disc label and rear of sleeve cover etc. should you wish create your own designs.

Download Cards (Template provided) included with every order to allow your fans to access your vinyl music to play on digital platforms. Also may be designed by the DMS team.Outer Sleeve: Front. 350gsm card with 260mm hole displaying the Disc Artwork. The solid colour is picked from one of the Artwork colours and contrasts and complements the busyness of the Artwork. It’s also an ideal space for the band to sign adding further fan value to the merch.
The QR code unusually features very prominently on the front cover but is an integral part of the work. It leads to the dual video online showing the the Art being created by the Live performance (Or recorded video)

Back: The back of the sleeve is given over to the musical Artist/Band to provide their own design (Template provided) or to engage with the talented designers of DMS Vinyl to create a bespoke digital
masterpiece - A real treat for your fans.
Playing side consists of 20 minutes listening time, enough for five average tracks. .

Optional ultra-clear vinyl available where artwork will show through from the playing side.
Very cool effect but comes with a disclaimer: Due to the compound used to create
the ultra-clear colour, there is increased potential of a slightly higher surface noise
than on a black record. 12 inch Black Vinyl EP. One side, Replica UV printed Artwork. Centrepiece label black on white
on printed side, Label on “playing side” design provided by band or DMS.


You can give fans the opportunity to own (And/Or win) a signed and individually numbered limited edition disc installation.
Lanigan Abstract will assemble the replica work using all of the same materials as the original artwork with the exception of the replica Disc which will be a DMS Vinyl record. This is a “made on demand” product so although you may offer your fans one of e.g. 250 limited edition pieces,you will only have to order four pieces at a time minimum. Again the pieces will be signed by Chris, sent to the Musician/Band for signing and then dispatched to the happy customer.

It is recommended you earmark a small portion of your DMS order (perhaps 10 initially) to be used for replica work. Your profit margin can be expected to be up to ten times the amount made from the vinyl disc.

Additional Fan Merch

T-shirts, Mugs, pens etc - Your Lanigan Abstract Artwork can be used under licence for various types of merchandise - Merch with a qr code to access the artwork video..How cool is THAT?!!

YOU have complete control engaging with merch companies YOU want to work with.

Timeline of project to be used as a guideline and may change due to project
requirements, time of year and factory operational factors.