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2019 Painting to "Little Colored Balloons" Written/Performed by
Mississippi Native John Murry. Cleere's Theatre, Kilkenny 2013.

You know how it is as a performer or band. Sometimes you play a concert/gig and you absolutely nail a performance of a particular song.  You think "If only there was a way to bottle it" Now you can with a Lanigan Abstract collaboration and treat your fans to some unique merchandise celebrating that particular moment.

This is an excellent example of how I paint in time to the music. The song starts off slowly and picks up pace as it progresses. This is very different from the recorded version of "LCB". Kilkenny is obviously very special to John (He ended up living there) as he explains at the start of the video. Patrons of Cleere's were treated to an incredible performance. John left a piece of himself on stage that night. What performance would YOUR band choose which you could share with fans?