The financial challenges of running a business affect us all. And the music industry is no exception. As providers of what essentially is Merchandise for musicians we understand that in these difficult times not every client will have funds up front. So for some it may be time to put the fundraising thinking caps on!! Check out these three possible solutions below. They can actually work as individual solutions or in unison depending on your need.

Stage Payments/Pre-Order Sales

If you require a stage payment facility, you can focus on the Art first which comes with a built in Social media campaign. During this campaign, and throughout the remainder of the project you will be telling your fans of available merch coming down the line, running competitions etc which will garner cash flow for your project. However, this will stretch out your project by approx three weeks should you choose this route.


If you are planning to celebrate an amazing live performance of a song the band put together while touring/gigging perhaps approaching the venue you played at and running a business proposal by them  may be financially beneficial. The venue will receive great Exposure (Us creatives are used to working for it) throughout the project and beyond as their venue name will appear on the label of your merch. Maybe the deal will be straightforward sponsorship/Advertising, maybe they would like a percentage of merch profits. That's for both parties to thrash out!

Online Gig/Tip Jar

Perform an Online gig with your band mates with a link to a tip jar (Perhaps Gofundme etc) outlining your overall project. 

These are just three possible fundraising options. What else can YOU come up with? Be creative, keep it legal though!

Please contact us to discuss all options.