Lanigan Abstract Logo

Q: Who are you?

A:  I’m an Action Painter. I paint to music – Normally people’s favourites or a performance from a musician or band which is so good they want to “Bottle it”. So, an Artistic representation of a piece of music in my style – Music on your wall if you will.

Q: Is there a reason for every piece?

A: Yes. It’s far more interesting to paint for others. Their music related stories are amazing. I’ve been commissioned by people celebrating nuptials, in memoriam pieces, work that celebrates musicians recorded or live performances and anything you can think of in between. For me, collaborating with others adds a certain relevance to why the piece is created in the first place.

 Q: Why that conductor-like spinning technique?

A: The designer in me was problem solving. Over time I developed a solution that was unique and felt comfortable to me. If the canvas was on the ground I’d be accused of copying Pollock – And Artistically, although I tried this initially, without sounding pretentious, it didn’t do anything for me. If the piece was vertical and static the patterns would be a vertical drip in every piece. Hence I needed Vertical but in motion.

 Q: Why don’t you mechanise your "spinner?"

A: Because then I’m not in charge. The Machine is. I want to be able to react to the music physically myself.

Q: What brushes are you using?

A: No brushes. Mostly modified Bamboo sticks – Again developed over time.

Q: So the painting lasts for the duration of the song? That’s a very quick painting?

 A: The painting you see on the (Also provided) Video lasts for the duration of the song. What you don’t see is before I paint I do “Dress rehearsals” going through the song 10, 20 times or however amount is needed until I feel I’m ready to paint in one take. There is also a phenomenal amount of preparation in the build up to the painting - Engagement with the client, discussing wants/needs as anyone who has worked with me can justify.

Q: So we don’t know what the final painting will actually look like?

A: From experience, I have a pretty good idea how the painting will turn out as I take into account colours used, length of songs, and tempo of the music…But the big reveal at the end is still exciting!

Q: Why should professional musicians use Lanigan Abstract?

 A: There is a two phase opportunity for musicians to promote their music ..1. The actual art piece – All the processes from start to finish are visually logged and make for unique social media content to post. (And you own the art at the end) 2. Images of the Art piece can be used in various types of merch from Vinyl picture discs, replica art pieces and posters etc which can be sold to your fan base via pre-orders during phase 1 of the project. 

 Q: Can you paint Live while a band is playing at a venue?

A: Probably not – There’s a hell of a mess so I keep that contained in studio. Plus, although the action painting looks haphazard, it’s meticulously planned. Live music is often different to a recorded version and I would feel somewhat pretentious if for example the Bass player decided to go off on a unplanned solo during a live gig and I carried on painting.