About Chris

Chris Lanigan is a journalistic Action painter with a B.A. in Industrial Design based in Kilkenny, Ireland. Chris collaborates with musicians to celebrate their stories through creation of abstract Vinyl-esq Art pieces, accompanying video and band merchandise. The final artwork is the fruit of the Action painting itself. But for Chris, the Act of painting in this particular style allows him to be "IN" the painting for the duration of its creation, Great loops of colour wing its way from cup to "Canvas" surrounding Chris as he moves in time to the music.

The R&D with DMS regarding UV printed Vinyl and additional products brings his work to a wider audience appreciative of music, art and a damned good story!  EVERY piece tells a story. No exceptions. Maybe that incredible recorded Live, tight performance where the band "NAILED IT" and their fans went wild at that intimate venue..or perhaps a favourite past or present music video you wish to celebrate? - Everything's up for discussion to find YOUR story and promote YOUR music.

About DMS Vinyl.

By day we provide the friendliest and most down-to-earth service possible, with efficiency and quality at the heart of our operations, and super competitive prices that reward our loyal custom. In our free time, we are gig-goers and songwriters, photographers and event organisers, crate diggers, community activists and inherent believers that music is one of the most vital cornerstones of our society.