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Clients have engaged with me because they love the collaborative process I have developed, which gives them the opportunity to celebrate events or people that have impacted upon their life in a sincerely unique way.

I feel, without the input of the client and their reasons for collaborating, the pieces, although aesthetically pleasing, would carry no meaningful weight, which is so important to me in my body of work.

 I have been commissioned for many reasons from creating a visual reminder of a first dance with a soul mate after nuptials to celebrating the lives of loved ones who have passed - sometimes in tragic circumstances, and any other reason you can think of for loving music in between. 

I really I can't think of anything more rewarding than creating for those who "Get" what i'm trying to achieve. It's a humbling pleasure. 

The short promo below will give you an idea of how we approach the design and construction of a bespoke piece - In this instance the example of a Newly wed couple's first dance is used, but the same basic process applies to all work .