Hi Tom. This is for DMS team viewing and is not linked in the main Menu. - Chris. (Some of this info you know already but listed are possible areas we can explore if interested)

 A Lanigan Abstract Art piece gives multi promotional opportunities and extra income streams to participating Bands and Solo musical Artists. The following is an example of promotional social media content and products stemming from a proposed link up with DMS.

The Art – Social Media Content
Regardless of what you are using your art piece for, from Design to final piece, the journey of each project is visually logged from start to finish which lends itself to slightly different social media posts to grab your audience's attention.
As a pilot project I decided to approach musicians who gather for weekly pub sessions  (For fun) in a VERY small village in rural Ireland – population approx. 100. I figured if I could make something work here It can work anywhere.
We set up a specific page and promoted through FB using organic traffic only to see how far the posts would reach without financially backing posts.

Some posts reached several hundred FB users others into the thousands.  The page following, bearing in mind the location of the premises is currently 230+ but the post reach is regularly ten times this figure. Here are some screenshots of the post results reach...(As opposed to mere "Likes")

SCENARIOS AND PRODUCT PROPOSALS (All products include the logging of the "Process" and social media content by default)

(1) Retrospective Art piece and Vinyl

Scenario here is that a band at some stage played what they felt was an ultimate performance at a Live gig that was captured on Video. A performance so good they want to "Bottle It." I paint to that visually recorded performance in studio. The design of the final Artwork will be used by DMS to provide picture discs which may be sold to fans on a pre order basis. A proposal is that anyone who pre orders the picture disc is in with a chance of winning the Actual Artwork via a competition which can be used for social media promotion. The picture disc may be part of a Double Vinyl Album where Black Vinyl is used for the sound quality and the picture disc (Although can play) mainly for Aesthetics or display. A QR code gives the fans access to the performance and shows the Artwork being created at the same time.

Products stemming from this Artwork, promotional opportunities and income streams:

1) Social Media Content
2) Original, Framed Artwork
3) Vinyl picture Disc provided by DMS (Or double album including Black Vinyl) 
4) Limited edition, signed Framed Picture Disc (Disc Provided by DMS - Framed by Lanigan Abstract
5)QR code steering fans to Youtube - Possible revenue stream depending on views
6) Posters/Mugs/t-shirts - All with QR code so fans have access to the Video with every piece of merch.

Here is an example of a Retrospective Art piece. John Murry, American Singer/Songwriter performed his song "Little Coloured Balloons" in Cleere's Theatre, Kilkenny, Ireland in 2013. I painted to this amazing performance in 2016 and again using the disc format in 2019.

(2) Future Gig, Art piece and Vinyl.

This is a really exciting scenario with lots of potential. Imagine as a band or musician you have an up coming, sold out Gig. All of your most loyal fans will be there. You inform your fans that you will be filming/recording (Insert name of song here) at the gig which will be turned into a Lanigan Abstract artwork at a later date in Studio. The Artwork will celebrate THAT performance on THAT date which THOSE fans will be a part of. Fans will be able to pre order their picture Vinyl and will have a unique memento of their night posted to them a few weeks after the gig.

Products stemming from this Artwork, promotional opportunities and income streams as above with more emphasis on pre-orders as fans will be excited to participate and be encouraged to raise the roof (Depending on type of song recorded obviously).

(3) New Album promo.

Although I love painting to Live music, a  Lanigan Abstract/DMS Link up can also be used to promote a new Album or Single. The same social media content creation and merch possibilities as above applies.

(4) End of 2020 Exhibition and Christmas Merch 

Tom, this is an unusual opportunity for bands/musicians to be a part of a proposed multi sensory Exhibition (Perhaps in Plymouth) in time for the Christmas Market. Bands will have an Art piece created, including Video accessed via /QR code and will be able to sell picture vinyl and relative merch as mentioned above. It would be amazing if Bands came along and performed their music that features in the exhibition also. This could turn into an Annual event.

I am open to any suggestion to how we get to the end product as long as I have the basics requirement in place - Music for me to paint to.