Lanigan Abstract logo. Action painter Chris Lanigan
Action Painting for Commercial and Private Commissions

Thanks for stopping by! I'm an Action painter with a B.A. in Industrial Design based in Kilkenny, Ireland. On a commercial level, I collaborate with musicians and bands to celebrate their musical stories, i.e. new realease, videos, live performances etc through creation of abstract Vinyl-esq Art pieces, and accompanying video. Example below.

From the final artwork a plethora of  related merchandise opportunities from UV printed Vinyl from our pressing partners at DMS to t-shirts, mugs etc await for your fans to enjoy.

Private Commissions are undertaken to celebrate loved ones who have passed, Weddings or any other reason people find themselves attached to certain songs ormusic, 

The final artwork is the fruit of the Action painting itself. But for me, the ACT of painting in this particular style is as important and allows me to be "IN" the painting for the duration of its creation, Great loops of colour wing its way from cup to "Canvas" surrounding me as I move in time to the music. As an Action painter there is no better feeling.

If you're looking for a unique way to promote your music or want to celebrate a piece of music that has affected your personal life, Get in touch today and we'll arrange a web meeting. Contact